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Fam​ily Management 

Supervised Visitation

Parent-time Monitoring

Supervised Transfers

Observation and Assessment


Social/Emotional Development

Social Emotional Development is designed to teach appropriate principles regarding essential family growth. The goal is for families to learn appropriate approaches to apply to common everyday family experiences and circumstances.


Family observation and assessment is designed to help parents recognize their child's strengths and how to effectively develop those strengths. Additionally, it teaches parents new approaches to help manage the family in a more effective way considering all aspects of the family culture.

Self Regulation

Some have had lifetime exposure of ineffective modeling of self-regulation. Self-regulation is designed to help the individual learn to recognize ineffective behaviors and techniques and learn new approaches that are acceptable and appropriate for the success of the family

Self Reliance

Offering Courses in - 

- Self Reliance 

- Emotional Resilience 

- Personal Finances 

- Starting and Growing My Business &

- Education for Better Work. 

These courses are available to those who are ready, interested, and desire the curriculum at no cost. 

Contact us for available course times.


Monitoring and Transfers

We offer impartial, professional, dignified monitoring for visitation and transfers. We protect the integrity of parent-time in an environment where the family may interact in a secure, safe, structured way considering the physical safety and emotional well-being of the child. 

We are a private network dedicated to family preservation while supporting the child during family reunification.

Paraleg​al Services

Legal Document Preparation

Demand/Request Letter Preparation  

File Research and Review

Notary Public - State of Oklahoma

      - Mobile Notary Available