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Brighter Child

"a brighter approach to a brighter future"

“The whole life of the adolescent should be organized in such a way that it will enable the child… to make a triumphal entry into the world, not entering it debilitated, isolated, or humiliated but with their head held high, sure of one’s self. Success in the life depends on a self-confidence born of a true knowledge of one’s own capacities”.

Maria Montessori

Hours & Tuition

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday

7:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Call for after hours rates

Closed most major holidays. Call for more information.


Infants age 8 to 12 months

$200.00 per/week

Children 13 to 48 months (1-4 years of age)

$170.00 per/week

Children 49 to 72 months to (4-5 years of age)

$160.00 per/week

Children age 5 and up 

$150.00 per/week