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About Us

Who is Brighter Child?

Brighter Child LLC is a private organization with a network of the most innovative systems, approaches, and resources tailored to the individual. We boast of over 30 years in the child development industry dedicated to helping with family preservation. We teach and guide families by helping them tap into individual strengths and recognize, develop, and use their own intellectual resources to focus on positively improving individual and family challenges. 

The Family

Whether you are looking to take advantage of advanced training, coaching or increase your knowledge to improve your parenting skills, family dynamics or learn to recognize strengths and vulnerabilities within your family, Brighter Child offers personalized approaches designed to fit within your family culture and dynamic.

Parent-Time Monitoring and Transfers

Supervised Visitation

Family management is a challenge for any parent. Losing custody of a child is devastating for all family members. No matter the reason, emotions including fear, resentment, and despair are what a parent experience. Parents feel a range of emotions such as total loss of power and isolation. Based on life experience, a parent may feel resentment toward those involved with the preservation, rebuilding, and reunification of their family. Brighter Child offers an approach that is impartial, professional, respectable, and dignified. Our professional staff understands the need for compassion in this most fragile and vulnerable time. .